Essay on Abortion: Pregnancy and Value Human Life

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One of the best ways to tackle pro-life arguments against abortion is by having the mother-to-be put herself in the place of the child. If her mother had made the same decision that she does, she would not be here today. Also, females who are having a difficult time with an unwanted pregnancy need to understand that they are not alone. Counseling must be proactive in trying to provide options that value human life. Options are available to those who need and want them. Information on the Internet is very positive and can help one to make the ethical decision. Learning the facts about the development of the child is an eye opener. The realization that the child may be in pain should deter a mother to be from going forward with an abortion.
Pro-life arguments against abortion include the concern for all women who put themselves through any medical procedure that can cause permanent damage to their bodies. Unfortunately a large number of women do not realize the extent of what the procedure can do to their bodies until afterwards.
I do understand that people can do whatever they want because its their body and its their baby and so on. But if you know that you wont be able to take care of a baby or even dont want a baby, WHY DID YOU GET PREGNANT THEN? WHY DID YOU HAVE UNSAFE SEX? Lets say it was an accident... a woman didnt mean to get pregnant, it just happened. There are other solutions for not having your baby than killing it. You can put it up for adoption, and let it go