Abortion: Pregnancy and Common Surgical Procedures Essay

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Abortion Speech
Approximately fifty to sixty million babies are killed each year in the world due to abortion which has led to cause one and a half million American women having abortions each year to end an unwanted pregnancy. After the abortion, the aftermath of their lives become worse; they have to deal with the constant reality that they gave up a child’s life and not allowing that child to experience life. Abortion has been found to be the number one leading cause of death in America, and considering ethics and values, death is morally wrong. Therefore, the outcome of murdering unborn fetuses should be outlawed because it can ultimately change a person, in result of many medical complications, risks, and possible diseases in their later life. A majority of women will get an abortion, commonly because of an unwanted pregnancy, to prevent the child with birth defects, or the inability to support the child. However, in today’s society, if one human is not allowed to purposely take the life of another, why should abortions be any different? In order to emphasize the idea of outlawing abortion, it is just another form of murder, considering the being still has the ability to grow, and abortion is what causes the growing process to stop. Therefore, it is bringing the future life of a human being to an end.
Not only does abortion have a great impact on society, but the self-consciousness of our society demands emotion as well, including attitudes and its values. For instance, those who have abortions are put at risk of severe mental health problems, such as; depression, anxiety, suicidal behaviors, and etc. As the healthcare costs are beginning to increase, the spread of diseases are more gradual than the medical ability to solve the condition. In addition to that, abortions must be illegalized due to the issue of lifelong health risks that can occur at any time, any place, and anywhere.
Even until today, abortion is a frequent cause of intense psychological pain, stress, and agony toward one self. Many women go to