Abortion 1 Essay

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Abortion: Pro Choice Vs
Pro Life

Aims and Objectives
An introduction to the key concepts of abortion
An introduction to the pro life and pro choice debate

Define the key concepts regarding abortion
Identify the arguments for and against abortion

Key Facts
Abortion is the oldest and most common

operation for women of reproductive age.
Approximately 190,000 abortions are carried out each year in England and Wales.
20- to 24-year-olds are the age group who are most likely to have or consider an abortion.
Between 1923 and 1933, 15 per cent of maternal deaths were due to illegal abortion.
A recent YouGov poll found that only a small percentage (29%) of 17-year-olds regarded themselves as strongly pro-choice. The remaining
71% hold either negative or ambivalent views.

Key Concepts
“Abortion - The ending of a pregnancy through the death and expulsion of the foetus. It can occur naturally (spontaneous abortion), but this is more commonly referred to as a miscarriage. The deliberate termination of an unwanted pregnancy (induced abortion) is what people are normally referring to when they use the word ‘abortion’.”
“Viability - This refers to the capacity of a foetus to survive outside the womb. In UK law, the 24th week of pregnancy is the point at which the foetus is considered to be viable, and therefore the latest point at which an abortion can be performed: however, some people argue that this should be reduced as medical advances mean that some premature babies born at 24 weeks or fewer are surviving”.
“The Abortion Act 1967 - This act decriminalised abortion in cases where it had been certified by two doctors that certain grounds had been met, such as a serious risk to the mental or physical health of the pregnant woman”.
“Backstreet abortion - Before the Abortion Act 1967, it was virtually impossible to procure a legal termination in the UK and some women opted for unsafe, illegal procedures to end their pregnancies, known as backstreet abortions. Procedures could be very dangerous, and many women died”.


Why do Women have Abortions?

Why do Women have Abortions?
 Find out that the foetus is disabled or deformed.
 Teenage mother who feels unable to look after the baby.
 The foetus is carrying a hereditary (genetic) illness.
 Abortion as a form of contraception.
 Risk of death to the mother if the pregnancy continues.
 The mother is underage (16) and faces physical harm if

she goes full term (as not developed well enough).
 The mother has been raped and consequently became pregnant.  It can be used to cover up an affair.
 In some cultures, where sons have a higher economic value women can sometimes decide to abort if the foetus/embryo is female.
 Women in the workplace being career minded.

Pro Choice Vs Pro Life Debate

Pro Choice Vs Pro Life

“Pro-choice supporters believe that it is a woman’s choice whether to have an abortion or not, as it is her body which is affected by the pregnancy. They believe the choice to have an abortion should be available to all”. Pro-life
“Pro-life supporters believe that life begins at conception, and that the right of the unborn child to life should be the primary concern when considering the ethics of abortion. They believe the law should be changed so that abortion would be heavily restricted or outlawed in the UK”. www.independence.co.uk Pro Life
 Every child is precious and is unique. We should have no right to

harm them
 Babies are defenceless and should be protected since it cannot stand up for its own rights
 The rights of the unborn child are equal to those of its mother
 The embryo is human from conception and will develop into a person. It has its own DNA.
 Children with physical or learning disabilities are of value too and can lead full and rewarding lives. Aborting children because of disability is devaluing them….should we not VALUE them instead?
 Abortion is