Abortion Rates Essay

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While abortion is considered to be murder, it also causes mental health illness, as well as being extremely costly; the numbers for women having an abortion at least once in their life is much higher than those with women giving their babies up for adoption.

Even though abortion is often carried out it is considered to be a crime of murder in the United States of America. Abortion is a crime against life itself to an unsuspecting victim whom cannot defend his/her self. Granting that as of April of 2001 the House of Representatives passed the Unborn Victims of Violence Act stating one who injures or kills a fetus during the commission is guilty of an offense subject to penalty (Kole, 2002). Sufficient evidence has been found that murders increased with the legalization of abortion in the United States (Lott, 2007). Some individuals will say that abortion is not a problem in the United States and that he/she is merely a matter of life and death, because a fetus is not a living being. So is a fetus a living individual? According to the free online medical dictionary a person is a “live human” and so by this Medical Dictionary’s meaning of a person, a fetus is a “live human”, and we can justly and logically presume, a fetus is a person. People also state that a woman have the right to choose and has the right to an abortion, but a fetus is a living being itself with his/her own rights (Kumar, 2013). Just because the baby is dependent on the mother does not give the mother the right to choose to end his/her life.
In addition to abortion being a crime, it is very costly as well. On average in the USA the cost of an abortion ranges from $350 dollars and up according to the National Abortion Federation (Dudley, 2003). This does not include the additional expenses most people do not even think about such as the hospital stay, doctor’s fees, and more. There are not many ways to help one with funding for an abortion since insurance does not pay or even help to pay for the procedure unless the pregnancy is life threatening. In this economy there are very few that could afford such procedures thus sending young women to an unsafe way of having an abortion. This in turn can cause a lot of problems for women who choose to undertake this particular procedure.
On top of being a crime, and being very costly abortion can cause very serious health issues. Abortion is known for causing mental health issues in women of all ages (Jackson, 2004). Not only can abortion cause mental health issues but it can also cause physical health problems for many women if they choose to conduct the procedure themselves or by someone other than a medical physician this could cause infection or even death. One of the most common physical difficulties is scaring of the tissue making it difficult for women who choose to have other children in the future to get pregnant. The most common mental health issue that abortion can cause is depression. A "pro-choice" research team, analyzed data from a 25-year period for multiple factors both pre- and post-abortion, found conclusively that abortion in young women is associated with increased risks of major depression, anxiety disorder, suicidal behaviors, and substance dependence (Gaul, 201, para. 8). All health problems are unwanted to all individuals, why would one knowingly inflict this on herself if other