Abortion Speech Essay

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I can't believe people are voting "No" on not being able to abort a child. But I do believe in YOUR choices. Reasons why i believe that people should vote yes on this argument are, what if they mother is addicted to drugs? What if she can't afford the child? What if the women was raped?

It is not uncommon to hear an abortion advocate incredulously ask something like this, "Do you really think a coke-addict should be forced to have a baby that will grow up being addicted to crack and living on the street?" This, of course, is a loaded question, with poverty and disability concerns mixed in as well. As with so many of the arguments that have come before it, it is assuming what it should be proving. There are children alive today who were born with drug addictions, and who are living with mothers who continue to use cocaine, and yet these children have every bit as much of a right to life as all of their more fortunate contemporaries. Drug addiction isn't the issue, humanity is the issue. jkhkjhkjh l

Abortion advocates often argue that it is acceptable for a woman to abort her pregnancy if she cannot afford to raise a child. While they are careful to use noble and compassionate language, they are essentially arguing that if a baby is going to be too expensive, the mother has a right to abord it. Isn't it true, that there are born-children, today, who are growing up in poverty? Has anyone ever heard someone argue that the mothers of these born-children should have the right to kill them, since they can't afford to raise them? hgjh ggkh

Why should the woman have to suffer twice? She was already raped, and now you're telling her she should have to be stuck with an unwanted child? Sorry to burst your bubble, but having children isn't the ultimate life goal for all women. Why should she have to completely change her life plans around if she was raped? That being said, I do believe abortion should only be allowed during the first trimester, when the fetus is barely developed at all. According to Electful.com 0.2% of rapes results in pregnancy. (2 out of ever 1000) Less then 50% of pregnancies that reulted from rape are aborted. 1% of fewer of cases of insest result in pregnancies.
Abortions should be legal especially in the case of rape, incest or if the mother’s life is in danger. If a mother does not want a child and was forcefully made to have a child against her will then