Essay Abstract: Education and Objective Learning

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Objective learning in education are brief statement will show what the student is expected to learn for the end of school year, such as lessons, courses, projects, and class period they will be attending. In many cases, learning objectives are the interim academic goals that teachers establish for students who are working toward meeting comprehensive learning standards
Alfred North Whitehead (1967) a philosopher once said, “A merely well-informed man is the most useless bore on God’s earth…..scrap information” are only worth something are put to use or, at least, thrown into fresh combination”


Who are to say what we can achieved at the end of a school year or that we are well educated for society or the “real world”? Objective learning is define as a brief statements that describe what students will be expected to learn by the end of school year, course, unit, lesson, project, or class period. In many cases, learning objectives are the interim academic goals that teachers establish for students who are working toward meeting more standards comprehensive. (Abbott, 2014 August).

I graduated June 2013; it has not been to long since I graduated. During my twelve years of high school, every teacher would give a paper out on the first of day school. Stating this the requirement needed to pass this particular subject. Some would throw the paper in the garbage and others would just look at the paper and laugh hysterically at the teacher. Teachers often thinks that if you are capable of passing the previous grade, then you should be able to pass. Learning is not easy for everyone; everyone is unique. Some person can learn easily without any problems and others take time to learn. During my senior year, I had some difficulty with Mathematics, I asked my teacher to help after school. She tried every possible strategy that she can think of to help me; but I still was not getting through. I had to go to a woman to tutor me for five month after school. As I started to attend my afternoon, class mathematics became more understandable to me. What I am trying to say is that not every teacher demonstrates the same or have the same strategy. Everyone is different no one is the same. God created everyone in his image but now with the same mentally, compassion and compatibly.

The condition of an environment occasionally effect the learning of a child. Everyone is not able of learning in an atmosphere where there is loud noise present. Some teachers are capable of calming the student down; while others cannot. I remember in high school my Biology teacher go frustrated to the point she left the classroom and, didn’t even teach the lesson the was planned to be taught. Some teachers would have ignored the commotion and, continue with the lesson. The noise would not affect them a bit. If the atmosphere is not quite or calm how can learning take place? The environment of the classroom can also be an affect in the learning process. If the classroom is not clean or in a comfort zone; as we called in high school, learning would be difficult. God created everyone differently some are good in learning in any environment or atmosphere, while others like a clean and peaceful classroom; which can be difficult to find. Researches are looking a relationship between environments constructs and multiples outcome. Studies shows that researchers has recognized that behavior can be a function of people’s characteristics and their environments. Learning environment can be categorized in many different category such as classroom climate, the physical environment, the psychological environment, implication and considerations (2007) Patrick, H., Ryan, A., & Kaplan, A.) Some may say that private school has a better education system than public school. I agree with the statement. However public and private school teaches the same subjects and topic; only differently. Attending public school does not mean you are not being…