Importance of Early Childhood Education Essay

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As a pre-service training educator of the Early Childhood Education (ECE). I have been learning some educational philosophies and ideologies, theories of “Learning and Teaching”, the “Core Values and Objective of ECE” and some Giants of ECE.
After the past few sessions, I found that John Dewey’s theory match my view of education as an educator of ECE the most. In this essay, I am going to express my own view of “Philosophy of Education” in ECE base on John Dewey’s theory of learning by doing.

Firstly, John Dewey’s learning by doing and Froebel’s learning through play theories can operate together to help me teach effectively and help me students’ to learn effectively. Dewey believed that children should be allowed to experience and interact with the curriculum, and all students should have the opportunity to take part in their own learning. I see his point that preschoolers only experienced few things in this world. If teacher only teach them by read out or describe of abstract things like float and sink, three states of water. It is hard for children to understand the concept. Moreover, Froebel claim that “Play is a mirror of life”, play can stimulate the child's imagination. Every child love to play. Interesting playing activity make children be more concentrate and active. For example, pick leaves in autumn. When I design the detail lesson plan, I will try my best to create activities that children can do in the lesson together, as a result students can understand the concept more. Also, I would like to design games about the concept that educated in class. Learn the concept through play games let my students have a remarkable memory of the lesson. As I follow Dewey and Froebel theories, hope my students enjoy the lessons of complex and abstract concept through my teaching.

Secondly, the theory of learning by doing also match with Howard Gardner's theory of Multiple Intelligence which supporting me view of teaching. Dewey point out that kindergarten ought to be child-centered. I think teacher should consider children ability to plan the lessons according to child-centered. Moreover, Howard Gardner said that each children have unique blend of all intelligences, should not restrict them to one modality of learning. As we cannot clearly know each child intelligences, some of them might strong or weak in each intelligences. I would not use signal tools to assess children ability. Furthermore, I accept students use multiple ways to present themselves, like color filling of apple of difference