Abuser: Domestic Violence and Income Level Essay

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Who is the abuser?
Domestic violence has been a very serious problem that we are been facing in the United States and through out the world. When we think of domestic violence we are tend to think as men beating up women, wife, girlfriend ect…However, domestic violence can occur to anyone of any culture, race, occupation, or income level and it doesn’t necessary about men beating up women but women beating men as well. Therefore, the abuser can be anyone. For example, the abusers can be husband, boyfriends, lovers or partners. No one group is targeted toward violence but do not get tricked into thinking, “it would never happen to me or someone I know.” often abusers pick a victim who is responsible, a hard worker, and forgiving. The type of person in which an abuser can use their power and control over. If you think about it , an abuser never picks another abuser, they only prey upon the weak. Some of the statistics about the abuse in the United State alone are outstanding. One out of three teenage girls experienced dating violence before they reached the age of nineteen. Moreover, men who are abused their wives abused their children as well. The statistics from (www.mayoclinic.com) show that each year an estimated 2 million to 4 million woman in the U.S are abused by their male partners. Many of them are severely physically assaulted such as hitting, pushing, and shoving causing black eyes, broken nose, and bruises all over their body . In extreme cases, guns and