Hunger In North Carolina

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Hunger is a serious issue that affects and alters every facet of our society as a whole. In the United States alone there are about 47 million people going hungry. In North Carolina, the hunger rate is 26% or every 1 in 4 people are going hungry, Nonetheless these numbers are discouraging and somewhat eye opening, but there are organizations that are helping people in need by ways of: Providing resources, raising awareness, and by trying out new methods of combating hunger.
Hunger has been around for centuries, millennials, since the beginning of human existence. Hunger has 3 different definitions such as “The uneasy or painful sensation caused by want of food; craving appetite. Also the exhausted condition caused by want of food, The want
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Now there are many social issues that play into an increased rate of hunger and poverty. Some of the issues that play into hunger include Domestic Violence, Homelessness, and Proper Government Regulation. There are many different problems, but these three stood out the most and also covered the most areas of hunger. Many experts and writers agree that hunger is a serious problem in our world of today. Hunger in North Carolina is a huge problem, but it’s mostly affecting children and teenagers. According to Maureen Berner, He states“ 22.6 percent of children live in food insecure homes”. This is a shocking statistic because when we see children we never really know who are having problems at home. This really shows how many kids are suffering from food insecurity, If these children are not having enough food, could it lead to a loss or slowing down or their mental cognition? According to Goldinger “Everyone knows that mind and body are deeply connected. Thinking about emotional topics can increase heart rate and temperature. In more cognitive terms, physical needs (e.g., hunger) will involuntarily direct attention to relevant objects (e.g., food) in the environment. Engaging mental imagery for an action activates the premotor and motor cortices of the brain, which then affect muscle tension in the limbs that were imagined”. In relation to the amount of children that have a lack of food, this lack of food has an effect of their performance and ability to use and learn through use of the brain and by sense of touch. Mind and Body are deeply connected, The more energy we have, the more we have to use for a task that we are trying to complete. This almost 23% can be attributed to this lack of food affecting