Academic Adjustment In College Key Essay

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Academic Adjustments in College

Below are listed a variety of accommodations offered to individuals with disabilities in high school. Please check the accommodations that you think would be offered at the post-secondary setting. Please assume that there is appropriate documentation for the student’s disability.

Possible Accommodations at High School
High School
1. Interpreters

2. Preferential seating

3. Behavior management plan

4. Adjusted class schedule (shortened day)

5. Tape recorded lectures

6. Copy of teacher notes

7. Notetakers

8. Giving answers orally to instructor

9. Paraphrasing test questions

10. Modifying tests (i.e., change from essay to true/false)

11. Modified textbooks (lower reading level)

12. Tutoring

13. Books on tape

14. Computer screen readers

15. Optical character recognition (Kurzweil type systems)

16. Waivers for classes/graduation requirements

17. Pass/Fail grading system

18. Modifying homework or in-class assignment

19. Provide special transportation to school/class

20. Access to school-sponsored activities

21. Extended time for tests

22. Extended time for assignments

(in class)
23. Use of spell/grammar checkers

24. Editing assistance on written work

25. Use of a scribe

26. Simplify or give written directions to supplement oral directions

27. Audiotape test questions

28. Assistive listening devices

29. Provide readers for students with LD for tests

30. Monitor attendance and progress

31. Use of computer for in-class assignments or tests

32. Use of calculator

33. Assistance in writing