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Education is a key catalyst and enabler for social and economic development in countries throughout the world. There is no doubt that going to study in the UK, with its different language and culture, can be a frustrating and sometimes painful experience. Although there will undoubtedly be some differences in the education system between Jordan and UK, Some UK universities have entered into a strategic partnership with Jordanian’s universities. Indeed, People who go abroad for study open themselves up to experience that those who stay at home will never have.
Jordan aimed to improve the delivery of education to Jordan citizens through public-private partnerships. Why also wants to? , First, Enhance the quality of education through the effective use of technology, then, Build the capacity of the local technology industry, finally, Create a global education program model for replication in other countries. Because Jordan is poor in natural resources and lacking a well-developed industrial base, Jordan is dependent on human resources to drive its economy. Jordan’s investment in education has paid off handsomely, as is demonstrated by a soaring literacy rate. “ Thousands of Students from the Gulf and other areas are currently studying in Jordan, which has a long tradition of excellent universities”. As illustrated above these students come to Jordan because the professor’s degrees obtained from either from United Kingdom or Unites States. In addition to, the people of Jordan are multi-cultural, multi-deionizational, well educated and extremely hospitable. While UK urged to increase investment in higher education, the new immigrant’s regulations affected the number of foreign students. “A steep decline in foreign students coming to study at UK colleges and language schools has prompted fears of a knock-on effect on universities” . However, in accordance of the deep Collaboration reached between the Jordanian and the British governments for example, Lancaster University Management School has entered into a strategic partnership with the Princess Sumaya University for Technology in Jordan.
On the other Hand, “Meanwhile, a new survey by the Institute of Education has found that the number of jobs in the UK requiring a degree has overtaken the number not requiring any qualifications. More than one in four jobs are now only available to those with degrees, the skills and employment survey found.” . One of the main problems, which the Jordanian educational system is facing, now is twofold. First, the country’s burgeoning youth population demands the continued expansion of the educational system. Along with this quantitative expansion, Jordan seeks to improve the quality of its teachers, books, curriculum and facilities. In the area of higher education, the country has suffered from an imbalance between the university and community college systems. The Ministry of Higher Education is now actively promoting the development of Jordan’s community colleges and encouraging enrollment in them, in order to better match the country’s educational system with its labor market, which currently suffers from a shortage of mid-level vocational skills. Despite some recent growth the majority of the population under 30 years, current rates of job creation were not rapid enough to provide employment opportunities for the next generation of workers. Unemployment was likely increasingly to become an issue unless action was taken.
The most obvious advantage to the UK universities study is real-life use of a different language. While a person can study English language in his or her own country, it cannot compare with the constant use of the language in academic and everyday life. There is no better opportunity to improve second-language skills than living in the country in which it is spoken. Moreover, using the language during one’s studies offers distinct advantage when one is