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Subject: Letter of Recommendation for Terrence Lathan

Dear Dr. Jackson,
My name is Terrence Lathan , and I am a junior majoring in Criminal Justice. I took your Juvenile Justice
Systems and Processes class in the Summer of 2012 and finished with an A in the class. I was would like to ask you to write me a letter of recommendation. There is a temporary position coming up in the
Department of Juvenile Correction for the summer that I will be applying for and I feel that a letter of recommendation will help me be considered as a candidate for this position. I will be submitting my application for the position next Monday, a week from today.
While I was in your class, I became fascinated with the fundamental processes of Criminal Justice system of juveniles. I am very interested in working with the Department of Juvenile Corrections, I feel that this opportunity would be a great access to my career in that it will give me the chance to actually see the inter-webbings of the justice system for juveniles. I remember your introduction to us in your class that semester telling us of all your accomplishments with a lot of them being in the juvenile system. In your class, I discovered a deeper love for my major in Criminal Justice and that has led me to apply for a position with the Department of Juvenile Corrections.
If you are willing to write me a recommendation, please let me know and I will stop by