Performance and Team Leader Essay

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Pre-instruction Writing Scenario
MGT 395 Summer 2009

Why are you completing this assignment?
This assignment serves two purposes. First, it will help your MGT 395 instructor identify your strengths and weaknesses as a business writer. Your performance may indicate a need for mechanics or grammar instruction or for visits to The Writing Center. Second, it will help the Culverhouse College assure the success of MGT 395 in improving students’ business writing competence by comparing pre- and post-instruction performance.
Because this assignment is given prior to any instruction in MGT 395, your performance will count neither for nor against you in the course. However, if you fail to complete the it by midnight on
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I know he wants to return to Dallas, and our Dallas office needs another Team Leader now that they’ve signed on to do strategy work with Nortel.”
“So what do you need from me?” you ask.
“Well, I trust your judgment,” Inez says, “and I know you’ve been supervising Kyle’s team for the past few months. I’d like you to give me your opinion about whether he’s ready for promotion to Team Leader. You don’t need to tell me now. Take some time this afternoon to think about it.”
“OK,” you reply. “Well, I have just finished calculating that team’s evaluations so I’d like to look back over his performance—that way I’ve got something to go on besides my own opinion.”
“That’s why we promoted you!” Inez says. “You know we believe in making decisions based on data and also how much we value group leadership skills here at Anders. After all, every project is handled by a team. Team Leaders like you are critical in keeping our clients happy.”
You smile as you let your boss’s praise sink in and then ask “How soon do you need my input?”
“Can you get it to me before I leave this afternoon?” Inez asks.
“Sure, Inez. I’ll get on it right away,” you reply.
As your boss leaves, you realize she’s giving you another opportunity to prove your potential to move up at Anders. You think about your boss as you look for the performance data on Kyle for the recent RPG project. You know she feels strongly that performance reviews