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Technology’s effect on learning
If you want to learn something, you must have your own learning method and mode of thinking. With the rapid development of the technology and science, our lives have extraordinarily changed. Traditional learning methods and modes of thinking gradually are influenced by the advanced technology and science. More and more students prefer to take a laptop, iPad or smart rather than carry the heavy books in the class. Likewise, many students adapt to surf the Internet to obtain the information instead of reading and comprehending the paper book. A lot of advanced products and thoughts are provided to contemporary people to build up their learning ability because of the boom of the technology and science. As a result, they really have had extremely positive effect on learning.
First, technology changes learning method. Traditional learning method consisted of a lot of paper book. For example, when I study in high school, the most common writing tool is paper and everyone takes notes or read paper reference. After I prepared an exam, I felt that I wasted plenty of paper because paper was the only learning tool to take notes. In addition, paper book was very heavy for me to take to class. At that time, I always dreamed of possessing a personal computer that I could type some words, play interesting game and watch video. Above all, I could get rid of paper and save the content of all the books to my computer for learning anytime and anywhere. I could hardly imagine that I would use iPad and smart phone now and these products of the advanced technology seem like more smart. There are several millions of software called apps, of which number even is growing on. These innovative apps can provide whatever functions to you for your learning. For example, we can listen to the lecture anywhere by using TED app. Moreover, tablets or smart phone also bring entertainment to you. For example, I would like to listen to the music or watch some video in the class break. So I am able to release my pressure and make me refresh.
Meanwhile, the internet connect with each other. Based on a study about internet and its function, the internet help people interacts with many kinds of online service and offer a platform for people to share their thought and information and this kind of work has played a necessary role in people’s social life(Nicholas Carr, 568). This kind of connection really changes our learning method. For example, in the class, we always have many discussions or group assignments, which need us to meet and discuss. In the traditional learning method, it is not very effective for us to just do them in the class. If we want to discuss or finish a group work after class, we might make an appointment with others. Sometimes we can’t find a time which is appropriate for everyone. After we use the mobile devices and Internet, it becomes possible for us to connect with others anytime.
Secondly, technology changes our mode of thinking. In the traditional learning the main point of mode of thinking is concentration and deep reading. That means when we faced a long and complicated article we have to immerse ourselves into the reading, summarize the content and catch the useful information depend on our own thoughts. From the modern perspective, this mode is regarded as a very rigid thing because of the new technology. Most people prefer to have convenient and speedy accesses to get information and resource. Fortunately, the new technology may offer these services for us. For instance, when I wrote my essay, sometimes I was confused about some grammatical problems and might to check my grammar reference books, which contain a number of