Operation Management Kfc Essay

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KFC is one of the largest franchise company. One of the branch of KFC

consists of 100 employees. This business report critically underpin the issues

which emerge during the processes, designs and supply chain of the business. It

will also unveil that how can KFC become the market leader and gain the

competitive advantage over all the rivals. It also reveal that brand name like KFC

can increase the productivity, market share avoid wastage. How can it become

the cost effective specially, in this highly competitive environment.


According to the (Mintzberg, 2008) KFC has an open system and highly divisional organization. This,
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Subject: Server at counter

Beginning: walk to burger area.

Ending: giving it to server.

It has been evaluated from the above process chart that time taken in the operations can reduce to minimum level, which will enable server to serve as many as customer. Hence, increase the chances of net profit. Similarly, servers may spend right time at right place. Henceforth, which will decrease idol hours as well.


As (Hauser J.R and Clausing. D, 1998) had explained about the house of quality that product must produce in a way so that it target the desires and tastes of customers. Further, on other occasion (Hauser J.R and Clasuing .D 1998) says “the house


Operation Management

of quality is a kind of conceptual map that provides the means for interfunctional planning and communications”. While, (Krajewski Lee .J, Pitzman L.P et.al, 2010) states about the cost of quality that if any process fails to fulfill customer needs that mishap will be considered as defect. In the case of KFC the core competency lies in the performance and quality of workforce.

Which may not only save precious time. But, maintain quality as well. Having said that, the quality can become a big issue due to which a great mess can be expected from any