Essay on Accidental Racist

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Accidental Racist Brad Paisley and LL Cool J’s new song called “Accidental Racist” has created a rift between two sides. On one side, some would say they are brave souls who are just looking to continue paving the way towards freedom and equality for all. They say that the artists had their heads and hearts in the right place and it was an honorable effort. On the other hand, this song has a lot of people up in arms and generally pretty heated. They do not believe one can be “accidentally” racist and find it downright absurd that the two artists would ever think of coming out with such a song. This song has not only created a gap between two sides, but two races as well. African Americans and Caucasians seem to be the two major groups. Cool J points out that if “you don’t judge my do-rag.. I won’t judge your red flag.” The “red flag” here is most likely a confederate flag. He is saying that if a Caucasian would not judge him on his appearance, then he will forget everything that the Confederate flag stands for like slavery, chains, and oppression. Now that is asking a whole lot from the African American race. It is like telling them they should forget that time period ever occurred and move on. I personally think that the artists should have looked through the song and seen that it was going to cause controversy. Every line hangs on the verge of causing a crack in society. Paisley and Cool J could have come up with better annotations and metaphors for this song.…