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John Frank
Advertisement and Promotional Management
October 20, 2014
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In todays age and more and more products are being established , it is hard for marketers to get their brand known by consumers. This problem allows marketers to establish new tactics and develop Guerrilla Marketing. Guerrilla Marketing is simply using multiple marketing strategies, conceptual way of thinking, creativity, high energy, and large amount of imagination. Guerrilla Marketing overall goal is to make the consumers surprise and develop a strong impression that creates a social buzz with consumers. When social buzz is form , word of mouth becomes a vital tool for marketers . People begin to talk about the brand and connections are form and impressions are established with the brand and brand identity becomes strong with consumers.

2. The success of Guerrilla Marketing has been evident through the years . Companies notice how quickly a product can be discovered by Guerrilla Marketing. In a matter of a day a youtube video of a product can establish millions of views. This makes Guerrilla Marketing a key tool for not only small businesses but with large ones also. Some times with large business it is hard to correctly use Guerrilla Marketing with consumers, they already have high budgets and their names are very well-known , which decrease the overall goal of what Guerrilla Marketing tries to establish. Although large business have there difficulties they still have the opportunity to successfully perform Guerrilla Marketing if the timing is right , using the correct method, having a strong message, and with a certain degree of luck, small or large businesses can utilized the power Guerrilla Marketing has.

3. Although Guerrilla Marketing has many advantages and causes success for all types of different business, it also has its faults. Guerrilla Marketing is successful , but that success is not guaranteed and sometimes fails. Guerrilla Marketing is far from 100 percent effective. As with any advertising strategies , will you never be able to know what works and what doesn't . It takes time to develop a creative effective stagey that works with what ever message you are trying to present to your consumers. You have to sometimes fail to find what works with Guerrilla Marketing which forms a risk for your company.

4. In the article it displayed multiple terms that are used for when marketers use Guerrilla Marketing for there brands and products. One term that I personally think is very effective and holds a low risk is ambient marketing. Ambient marketing allows you