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conventions related to narrative of the film iconography - icons of the genre, regardless of relevance to story 20‘s-30‘s - Douglas Fairbanks 60‘s - Present - James Bond 70‘s - Martial Arts - Bruce Lee, Jean Claude Van Damme, Jet Li, Jackie Chan 80’s - Hong Kong, The Killer, Hard Boiled 90’s Women in Action without action, there is no film. people have to DO things its not a dirty word motion pictures The type, degree, the extravagance, the amount of action splits films into genres Not only have I never seen it before - I will never get to see it in reality. drama comedy romance - we can see every day how we feel the emotional content makes an action film good or bad Genre: Considerations for Analysis FILMS Action Drama Bourne movies Point Break True Lies Desperado Heat Hong Kong Hard Boiled The Killer Martial Arts Enter the Dragon Bloodsport Kickboxer Legend of Drunken Master Tony Jaa Action Comedy Rush Hour Beverly Hills Cop Action Horror Blade Resident Evil

28 Days Later Action Adventure Raider of the Lost Ark Rambo Blade Runner Die Hard - overtaken limited location opposed by single hero Die Hard Speed Disaster Twister Independence Day Daylight Sci FI Action Matrix Aliens Terminator 2 Transformers Star Wars Buddy Cop 48 Hours Lethal Weapon Bad Boys Super Hero Batman Superman Spiderman Car Chase French Connection Ronin Fast and the Furious Death Proof War Black Hawk Down Saving Private Ryan Gladiator Braveheart Challenges are physical: violence, fights, chases, explosions Odds are stacked against protagonist Seeing a regular person do feats that are incredibly difficult or virtually impossible Hong Kong’s effect Fun. Escape. Physicality