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Tiera Nicole Shead

February 22, 2015

Humanities I94
Activity 2.1

1.The story of the Trojan war was very significant to the Greeks. They thought it to be true, because it made them look victorious and saw it as a moment in time when all Greeks joined and banned together with a common goal, even though they were still unified in many ways . The Greeks enjoyed the performances of the strolling minstrels who sang the story immensely, particularly because the Greeks were portrayed as winning.

2.In the Iliad, the gods are portrayed as pretty deceptive, temperamental, backstabbing gods; there's a lot of sneaking around behind each others backs to aid one side over the other (Hera wanted the Achaean's to be triumphant, but Zeus tried to remain neutral), several of the gods conspired to put Zeus to sleep so they could help the Achaean's win, and the battlefield is essentially one giant chess board for them, with mortals as their pawns.

In the Odyssey, the gods seem a little more benevolent (Athena supports Odysseus and tries to assist him whenever she can, and they all,except Poseidon who would like to see Odysseus return to Ithaca) and they seem more unified and civil in their views on how things (particularly Odysseus making it home) should be handled. Even though Athena was Odysseus staunchest supporter, she did not try to retaliate against Poseidon when he made Odysseus' journey all the harder and even longer.

3. In The Iliad, the hero's name is Achilles he was known as the hero of the Trojan War,The Iliad takes place in the ninth year of war.

4.Odysseus is the hero and central