Addiction: Drug Addiction and Grass Essay examples

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A lot of people can get addicted to things in their lifetime. Not only can people get addicted to drugs or alcohol but other things also. While Odysseus and his men were traveling home, he came across the island of the Lotus Eaters. On this island there were people living off a plant called Lotus. This plant made you not want to return home and made them not care about the outside world any longer.
This can relate to the addictions people encounter with every day. For example, one may get addicted to cocaine or heroin. These substances are very dangerous drugs that can ruin one's life forever, but people who get addicted to them clam that it brings them to a "good place." Just like the Lotus can do once you eat it. The Lotus plant that is described in The Odyssey represents that people all of the world can get addicted to things very easily, just by trying them once.
If you are always looking for something better to reach for, someone else to be and somewhere to run... if you are looking everywhere else, and all the grass seems to be so beautiful and so green, except on your own side... if for your whole life you are rushing from one place to another that looks greener, richer, happier, brighter, then in this constant run you become simply distracted from yourself.

When you focus on somewhere, then your energy becomes dispersed in following somebody else and achieving something more. When you are running somewhere else where your nature has not intended you to be, then in this run you will inevitably