Drug Addiction and Points Earned Essay

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Lets Be Blunt: Do Social Addictions Call the Shots?

By: Jennifer Caruso-Riordan
June 11, 2014
Instructor: Sara Hinton
University of Phoenix

Lets Be Blunt: Do Social Addictions Call the Shots?

Russian roulette is the game of life and death, taking chances and beating the odds. Imagine placing a single bullet in the chamber of a pistol, putting that pistol to your head, and then pulling the trigger. In America, an average of 130 million people are current drinkers. How often do legal age adults go to dinner, to a bar, or over a friend’s house where they consume enough alcohol to put them over the legal limit? How many of those people attempt to drive home? Alcohol, hormones, and daily medications, could lead to a lethal night of legal drinking, driving, and generally enjoying company of those around you. Alcohol is a legal substance in the United States, yet it is responsible for the death of an unprecedented number or people. Americans chastise those who use marijuana as a social or recreational drug of choice. Marijuana has been labeled the gateway drug, an illegal drug; however, there is no record indicating a single loss of life attributed to marijuana. A non-addictive, non-life threatening, and medically valuable natural crop has been deemed illegal? Drinking is a gamble many take, and the probability of the evening ending in disaster has occurred far too many times with 28 Americans dying each day due to drunk driving. Everyday millions of Americans gamble on the chance of drinking, and using good judgment to know when enough is enough. So, why not play a round of Roulette, put your life in your own hands, and just pull the trigger? Alcohol in the United States is portrayed as the socially acceptable way to relax: take pleasure in an evening with friends, and have a good time making memories. Many typically consume alcohol to ease their mind: a stressful day at work, an argument with their partner, or received news that altered their mood. As a society we consume alcohol to celebrate as well: marriages, children, promotions, and birthdays. The truth is that what seems like a harmless night out; consequently, can quickly result in a devastating event that will forever change you, and your loved ones lives.

One of the most demoralizing effects of alcohol is the grasp on the addict’s soul. Alcohol is extremely addictive and has lasting physical effects on the brain and body. The addiction itself is more dangerous, deadly, and equally destructive as heroin and crack cocaine. Alcohol withdrawal is both mental and physical, torturing the addicts psyche with the fear of life without their only true ally. The addiction forces the addict to believe drinking makes them more social, friendly, and efficient in they’re work. Alcohol dependence will cause physical, and mental withdrawals. Dependence can cause depression, isolation, tremors, and ulcers. Long-term use will result in Cirrhosis of the liver, frontal lobe brain damage, and even death. The only benefits related to moderate consumption of alcohol are slight improvements to cardiovascular health, a reduction of stress, and decreased risk for type II diabetes? The definition of moderate is 1.5 ounces of spirits, 5 ounces of wine, or 12 ounces of beer a day.

Do you think most Americans limit their consumption to a moderate level? How many Americans consume the moderate amount daily for the possible benefits to their health? Do you think other substances, such as Marijuana if made legal, could provide more efficient medicinal purposes, lower addiction risk, and fewer deaths attributed in comparison to alcohol?

Marijuana was made illegal 5 years after the prohibition on alcohol was lifted in 1932. The reasons marijuana became illegal are based on greed, propaganda, and fear of the unknown. In 1937 the ban on marijuana was created because large corporations convinced the people through propaganda, and false advertising, that marijuana