Adolescence: The Process of Change Essay

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Many of us would have some variation or change of thought at our adolescence, we may change to good, we may change to the opposite, but it would not be everyone’s case.

Retrospect to the last summer vocation of junior high school, it was just like every resting day, I got up from bed, and I start to watch TV, after a while of changing channels, I finally stopped at the a concert of Yue Opera, something That has always been fun for me. Not after soon I felt it was similar but also so different than other concert or show of opera that I have ever seen.
Chinese opera is similar to western opera at some point, basically there will be a story, the actor or actress will sing, talk or dance in the whole performance, of course, every actor or actress would perform in their way, but more than that, there are lots of basic & classical perform skills, like how do you move your eyes when you are thinking a lot in a second, how to move the steps when you are angry, how to show the shy being a girl in front of the person she like or love etc…so, usually, it will make a big difference between the actors or actresses just because of their voice or how do they sing of course, She has her rhythm or procedure for her performance, but you do not feel it that much, what you feel more is happiness, angry, sadness of the protagonist, it is like she was not performing, she was completely the person of the story, there is not a she, she is the one in the opera, you are there together