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Adult prostitution is not illegal in Canada if the sex worker (prostitution) has become of the age of 18 or above. Child prostitution is illegal and prohibitions against purchasing sexual services from children as well as communicating with them. (subsection 212(4)) Ling on the avails of child prostitution is also illegal. (subsections 212(2) and (2.1)). These provisions were not affected by the Supreme Court of Canada's decision in Bedford. The policy towards adult prostitution in Canada is complex and difficult to address. There is no one defined problem that is used as a tool to fix a broken industry, rather it was a collection of laws and regulations that drove Sex Professionals of Canada (Spock) into challenging the previous law and have it changed. While prostitution (Offering sexual favor for money) has been allowed in Canada for a while there were three key problems that were hindering sex workers from working in a more safe work area. One of the key pillars of the Canadian prostitution careers is the constitution act from 1982 which states in Part 1. Fundamental freedoms; 2.Everyone has the following fundamental freedoms:
a) freedom of conscience and religion;
b) freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication;
c) freedom of peaceful assembly; and
d) freedom of association. (Government Of Canada)
The key to a safer work environment for adult prostitution is found in the b – section of the rights of fundamental freedoms, were Canadian citizens are allowed by law to express themselves freely, and that includes working in the adult prostitution industry. The right of expression makes adult prostitution a legal work place in Canada, and thus by law, there can be no changes in laws/rules or regulations that could have a damaging impact on anyone who has the right to express themselves. That means that the parliament has the right to alter, and/or change completely laws/regulations about the adult prostitution, but not to the worse, only to the better. The parliament is allowed to have an impact on nuisances but not at the cost of the health, safety and lives of sex workers. ("Prostitution: Should it," 2014) The supreme court ruled that since it is constitutionally legal to be a professional sex worker, and there were changes that had to be done. There were thee major changes in Canada towards prostitution that were implemented in December 2014. These changes were made to provide a more safer environment for a legal business to conduct their services. These changes are essential after data collection on prostitution showed that in the US alone almost 2000 prostitutes over a 30-year long study showed that homicide, suicide, drug and alcohol problematic behaviors, HIV infections and accidents put prostitutes (especially street prostitutes) in greater danger to become a victim of one or more of those throat cutting life changes. The study showed that the average homicide rate among active female prostitutes was seventeen times more higher than the general same-aged female population. The problems do not stop there; with a poorly regulated industry with many challenges in its path, the challenges can be different for each sex worker, but some of the more prominent reasons for going into adult prostitution is due to poverty, drug addiction, mental illness, homelessness and a history of abuse as a child.(CMAJ, 2004) Although prostitution is legal in Canada, the laws state that anyone under the age of eighteen years old is not permitted to work in,for or around prostitution. Which is very understandable and understandably mandatory in order to save teenagers and children from being exploited by the market. Sadly that is still the case in many countries, and that includes Canada; with a recent case of a young Ottawa teen who has twice been arrested and prosecuted in court for being a madam (madam is a feminine rephrase as a female “pimp”) were the first