Prostitution Should be Legal Essay

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Prostitution should be legal considering our constitutional rights

Prostitution is the one of the world’s oldest professions. As well, the laws prohibiting and forbidding the act of prostitution is the oldest form of government discernment and overbearing regulation.

In a free society, of which the United States is undeniably considered, such supervisory actions are a blatant violation of the civil rights and liberties granted to all citizens.

Legalized prostitution has the potential to improve public and personal health, increase job openings, increase tax revenue, can help keep families off of the streets and out of poverty, and most importantly, allows consenting adults to engage in actions they consciously choose to make. Prostitution is a victimless crime.

Prostitution can also be defined as the sale or rental of labor services in a voluntary manner. Simply put, each of us has complete regulation over our own bodies and said ownership encompasses every single person in this world.

A junkie on the streets of Miami has the right to inject the numbing sedative known as heroin into their bloodstream; many collegiate undergraduates choose to spend their weekends consuming amounts of alcohol so large that they end up wallowing in their own projected stew of that night’s dinner and stomach acid.

The point being that, each of us has the God-given right to partake in any activity of conscious choice without government interference. The way our government is prohibiting and regulating prostitution blatantly violates the rights of an individual, attempting to muzzle and control individual choices.

The most ironic aspect regarding the matter is that our government stands under the belief that their actions are ultimately helping our country and are constitutionally justifiable. If prostitution were deemed a legal activity, the benefits would resonate through every facet of the business: from the buyer, to the supplier, to the constantly observing “Big Brother.”

Moreover, the mental, physical and monetary well-being of many American citizens would be stimulated and in turn, the economy would also see exponential growth.

If selling your body for sex became politically correct, the state would (more than likely) require regulatory monthly or weekly exams to guarantee that prostitutes did not acquire sexually transmitted infections. It would allot opportunity for sustainable and consistent income as well. No longer would these women (or men) be involuntarily required to forfeit a chunk of their pay to pimps, as they would take home what they grossed with hard, honest work.

Also, it would leave the door wide open for unionization and if legalized, would deter and punish non-tax paying, illegal, non-health exam abiding, underground, devious prostitutes.

Additionally, many pimps have historically beaten, abused and raped their employees, effectively making the workplace a “Russian roulette” of possible mistreatment and battery.

Under legal circumstances, prostitutes would not be subjected to the maltreatment of one overbearing, mentally and physically abusive supervisor, but instead under the protection of the police force and the swift, equitable hand of the law.