Essay on Legalizing Prostitution

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“What is freedom of expression? Without the freedom to offend, it ceases to exist” is a quote by Salman Rushdie which means that everyone will not always agree or approve of what decisions one makes, but in order for freedom to exist, personal opinions must be viewed as irrelevant. Because prostitution is labeled as a crime due to its deplorable conduct and not because prostitution itself is a harmful act, this quote is applicable when discussing this issue. Why are prostitution laws enforced in the United States? When taking a closer look into prostitution, one would see that incarcerating these individuals for taking part in this act is ambivalent and absurd. Although prostitution is inherently immoral, it should be legalized because it is a victimless crime. If prostitution was legalized, it would first promote a safer environment. One way prostitution can promote a safer environment is by reducing crime. Because of laws against prostitution, prostitutes are forced to work on the streets. Driving prostitution underground, only puts the prostitutes at risk to experience violence and harassment. "It is estimated that if prostitution were legalized in the United States, the rape rate would decrease by roughly 25% for a decrease of approximately 25,000 rapes per year...” (Cundiff). By prostitution becoming more readily available, the amount of rape would begin to falter because the sexual desires of the customers would be fulfilled. Another way legalizing prostitution can help promote a safer environment is by offering prostitutes better healthcare. Because prostitution is illegal, many prostitutes fail to seek medical attention. These prostitutes are fearful of being arrested and don not feel safe accepting the help. By not receiving medical help, prostitutes are more likely to catch and spread many viruses and infections. Chlamydia, gonorrhea, herpes, and HIV/AIDS are just a few sexually transmitted diseases and viruses that prostitutes are exposed to (Weitzer 72). Protection from exploitation is the last way to promote a safer environment. Prostitution has been known for being violent. The customers and “pimps” often try to dominate the prostitute, usually to make them fearful and more submissive. By legalizing prostitution, it would put the prostitutes at power over their customers and give them more authority. It would reduce the amount of harassment and give the prostitutes more control of their body. Legalizing prostitution would also help contribute to the economy of our country. One way legalization could help boost the economy is by increasing the tax revenues. By legalizing prostitution, it is therefore creating more jobs which then leads to an increase in the amount of taxpayers. The country will gain tax revenue that otherwise would have been lost. The country would also save money by decreasing the use of taxpayer’s money on police manpower and defense attorneys, and instead use the revenue to create jobs and other ways to promote the economy. Decreasing poverty is another way legalizing prostitution would help boost the country's economy. In most cases, prostitutes are not in charge of their earnings and usually have to answer to an authoritative figure. These individuals who are in control of these prostitutes will usually keep most of the earnings and leave the prostitutes with little to no money. Because of this unfair treatment, many prostitutes live in poor conditions and living environments. With the legalization of prostitution, prostitutes can have the ability to sue and a chance to receive fair treatment. Lastly, prostitution should be legalized to allow adults the right to make their own decisions with the use of their bodies. By doing so, it will first reduce the number of victims associated with prostitution. Because prostitution is such a secretive act, prostitutes are taken advantage of and usually abused. If prostitution became more open, the violence would be reduced due to it's