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Some people in today’s society simply just do not want to live. Some individuals will do whatever it takes to end their lives. As bizarre as it sounds, some individuals shot by the police actually want to be shot. This is called suicide by cop. A person will engage in behavior that makes it likely that police will use deadly force. An example of suicide by cop is the Garczynski case. He was distraught by his marriage ending and simply could not handle life anymore so he wrote his wife a suicide note. As soon as his wife read it she dialed 911 and the police showed up at his house. Garczysnki pointed a gun at the police so they would have no other choice but to use deadly force and kill him. A person would not think that these types of situations are that common, but the Los Angeles police officers found that more than ten percent could be classified as suicide by cop. So what can cops do to avoid potential suicide by cop situations? Despite the fact that some may say that people who commit suicide by cop deserve what they get, a lot of officers caught in this situation are adversely affected and some leave the job. Others are haunted by it. This training is as important to the well-being of the police officer as it is for the person at the other end of the gun. 
Most of the officers who take the CIT training want to take this training. People feel safer to deal with this. And they are more prepared psychologically if they have to use lethal force. If an officer is