Advantage Of Sociological Imagination

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Do you remember when we went to Walmart and I stood doing nothing for ten minutes or when I sat staring at my TV for several minutes? I told you it was for sociology class, but I did not really explain to you the importance of doing so and how these experiments and the class in general has benefitted me greatly. I hope through this letter, I can explain to you why. I also hope my explanations will make you more eager to take this class to develop your own sociological imagination. Having this valuable skill will provide benefits for the rest of your life. I bet the first thing that comes to your mind is what is a sociological imagination? You are probably thinking you know an imagination is being creative, or being able to come up with new ideas or concepts in your mind. Well, a sociological imagination requires you to be creative as well. The sociological part of this term deals with studying society and all its interactions. Therefore, putting the whole term together means to be aware of the relationships of your own individual experiences as well as the happenings of the larger society. With a sociological imagination, you see things in a new light. No single person has the same experiences as another. Not even twins have had the same experiences. If a family …show more content…
This course has influenced me to use my sociological imagination. I learned human behavior is largely shaped by the groups to which we belong. Also I may only be one person and thus, cannot do everything to make a change. However, I can still do something. I can group myself with people who share similar beliefs and other similar characteristics as well as stand up for what I believe in when a crisis occurs. I feel as though this course gave me important skills to do that. It has given me the skills to share my story, be creative, learn from others, and be open to