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Kathryn Scherber
PSYC 245
Advertisement Analysis The dual-process theory accounts for two distinguishable ways in which advertisements attempt to persuade individuals to think a certain way about a product, service, or ideal. The central route of dual-process theory requires people to carefully process the information and persuasion is based on the calculated content and logic of the advertisement. The peripheral route of dual-process theory demands minimal processing of the information presented and persuasion is merely based on nonmessage factors such as attractiveness, credibility, and emotion.
The first advertisement that our group chose was an E*TRADE baby commercial promoting their stock trading service. In this commercial a baby boy is conveying the message to the viewer with a grown man’s voice. The baby boy is portrayed as being on a computer and is talking about how he is buying stock. The advertisement relates to the peripheral route of dual-process because it applies to viewer’s emotions by the cute and funny character of the baby. It also represents a central route cue through the sarcastic dialogue of the baby. For example, one of the lines in the commercial is “I just bought stock. No big deal. If I can do it—you can do it.” The message portrayed in the commercial was thought out in a way that prompts viewers to think about the act of trading stock and is meant to imply that trading stocks is actually easier than most people might think. This advertisement is a brilliant mix of central and peripheral cues through the use of an adorable baby to positively impact viewer’s emotions as well as through the dialogue of humor about how simple it was for him to buy stock. The intended audience is for adults looking for efficient ways to trade stocks.
The second advertisement that I chose was for the product of Calvin Klein boxer briefs. The message is conveyed by a male model posing alone in a white pair of CK boxers and a backwards hat. He also happens to be grabbing…