Advertising and Clear Scalp Essay

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Cosmopolitan June 2013 Issue
Clear scalp & hair beauty therapy magazine channel> why they chose this? around beauty advice sectors strategy, media choice? Why? who does it target? how it affects the message wei ght of paper who reads it perception WHAT AFFECT DOES THE MEDIA HAVE?


The advertisement for Clear Scalp & Hair Therapy was found in the Cosmopolitan magazine June 2013 issue on page 71. This medium was chosen to display this advertisement as it included multiple articles based upon beauty and appearance. The magazine itself; Cosmopolitan are targeted towards young women in the mid-range of socio economic status. This is represented within their morals and ideals, which are evident within the articles written. These audiences perceive the world in a materialistic type of way, holding these as their core values. The medium of magazines is effective as it grasps their targeted audiences perfectly through their need for value and quality, which is reflected in the heavily weight of the glossy stock which depicts a longer shelf life. This advertisement’s message is to sell their new shampoo hair product through the celebrity endorsement of Miranda Kerr. By placing this within Cosmopolian, which also uses many celebrities within their stories, there is a connection made. This connection helps audiences to understand their needs and wants through what they have originally been exposed to. This celebrity is featured within