Advertising and Future Career Ambitions Essay

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Personal Study
It amazes me how instrumental the media is, and has been, in my life. Growing up I have come to realise that I took the media for granted and never questioned the subject but as I have studied the subject I have come to realise the media surrounds us all in the news, magazines, adverts and movies. I have learnt the some of “tricks” that the media uses to seer our opinon and manipulate people, but can be used to broaden peoples’ minds and improve their lives. I am fascinated how the media can be at the same time subtle and fundamental in today’s society.
I have been involved in a number of media related workshops in particular, A Universal Studios workshop where Universal’s advertising team cam into my sixth form and showed us how they chose different poster’s and teaser trailers to advertise in different countries, and how they colour code thm to reflect what is fashionable in each country at the time. I enjoyed this workshop it helped me realise that I would like to go into the media industry. I have also learnt a great deal from my media lessons in school. My major AS project for media studies was to create a trailer based of a Sherlock Holmes short story (Sherlock Holmes and the Speckled Band). I had to research a variety of information for my trailer such as: what lighting would be best to use for my trailer based on my genre. I also created two seprate storyboards. I had a digital based one for my teachers and my own personal one which i drew out, I found this easier to go from. From creating a trailer it has given me the skills to anaylse a moving image based text.
I have taken part in a number of activities during secondary school and into the sixth form such as leadership training. This training helped develope my skills of leading a