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1. Introduction

The Chartered Institute of Marketing’s definition: ‘Marketing is the management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying consumer requirements profitably.’

Marketing is a fundamental aspect for any growing successful organisation. It is a process of focusing on consumer’s desires and wants, producing certain products and then attempting to divert the consumer’s desires to this product. Marketing is what each organisation has that targets the consumers to desire the product through marketing awareness. The marketing team and department of every organisation are anticipated with customers’ needs and wants which are discovered through market research.
Main aspect of successful marketing is the attraction of new customers and the maintenance as well as expansion of relationships with existing customers. For this to occur and a marketing plan to be successful, the mix of four P’s must reflect the desires and needs of consumers.
Adidas is one of the most famous and well known established companies for manufacturing virtuous quality sports products. Adidas has earned its reputation due to its unique marketing strategies that has been able to hold a strong position in the market between its competitors. Its reputation and its profit have allowed the company to invest in new technologies and methods for promoting and marketing the Adidas brand. The enterprise produces products that are targeted to reach audience that are emotionally connected to their brand, the products are then sold at a competitive price, distinguishing themselves among other competitors, and the third stage is the products are distributed through a channel of manufactures and retail stores. The final important stage is the promotion and advertisement of these products that are campaigned through effective marketing tactics. (Tuten, 2008)
In this case study, a discussion will be formed around Adidas’ marketing successful technique in sponsoring campaigns, with explanations of the benefits that Adidas have gained from marketing events. Details of effective marketing communication that lead to a successful company will be discussed with examples of the communication techniques that were implanted. Furthermore, Adidas’ marketing technique to reach the targeted audience will be discussed with details of various procedures that was implemented to connect with their consumers in an appealing and persuasive way. 2. Direct Communication
Above-the-line definition is the high cost of advertising a brand with the use of media such as television, newspaper press, banners and many more. However Below-the-line is a short-term promotion marketing method and a communication tool that focuses on direct communication, as well a large amount of capital is not required. An example of below-the-line communication is when consumers enter a store they are given entry forms to fill in. (Mishra, 2009)
Adidas has focused mainly on above-the-line advertising, its form of marketing is depicted through its adverts on television, and sport athletes are wearing Adidas clothes and are seen as front covers of newspaper and magazines. (Mishra, 2009)
Above-the-line technique is effective and successful when the target group is very large and the message and logo of the brand is needed to be maximized and visualised by the customers. However, if the targeted consumers are limited and specific then it’s highly effective and successful if brands use the below-the-line marketing technique. In addition, below-the-line technique is a preferred choice with most organizations, as marketing teams are pressured to achieve communications objectives and goals in limited budget. (Mishra, 2009)

Example of below-the-line promotions is:
Discount sales on certain products, this type of method attract consumers in purchasing product. On the other hand, this method is specified for a short term sale profit
Example of above-the-line advertisement is:
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