Essay on Advertising and James Bond

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Advertisements play a hug role in modern life. It are all over the place such as TV, radio, or in a magazine. All of the company spend a lot of money on their advertisements especially big companies have to spend over billion dollars on advertising every year. The product that is advertised is a watch. The brand name for the product is Omega.
The target audience for this product is high class people because the advertisement shows a latest modern watch with 45mm 18k rose Gold on its surface. Not only that, it also includes a picture of James Bond with his smart suit which represents sexy, elegant, sophisticated, at the same time fashionable, and the level of formality. The camera distance used in the advertisement is short shot; this is used to show a variety of emotion. The photo shot is from James Bond from his head to his hand; just enough for the viewers to focus on Omega’s product. He appears to wear a black smart suite, the same color as Omega’s product, with his gorgeous hair style. The typeface that is used in the advertisement is small but big enough to read and red color with its black background which makes typeface more noticeable and catchy. The main color in this advertisement is black. The color black implies self-control, self-discipline, independence, strong will, and power which represents the characteristic of the successful man. This is a main point to draw target audiences. The logo used in the advertisement is Omega. It would attract the target audience because it is a well-known watch brand in the world. When people see the logo, they will know instantly what it is selling. The slogan used for the products is “The only watch when the world is not enough.” This slogan refers to the movie of James Bond in 1999. In the movie, James Bond is a very brave, smart, elegant, and fashionable person, so the company tries to connect his products to the characteristic of James Bond in order to catch the viewers’ attention. The advertisement effectively