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When creating an advocacy ad, the topic in which the author is addressing can either make the reader want to act upon this topic, or leave them lost in the reason why this ad was created. For an ad to be successful and prove its point it must reach out to the audience and affect their emotional appeal. The author must not cause the reader to become confused while reading the ad, but grab their attention from the moment they look at it. This is why it is important for the layout of the ad to show that the author has put a lot of thought into grabbing the reader’s attention. The layout must be clear and well laid out to make certain things in the ad grab the emotion of the reader and make them want to make a difference in this topic. That is why the Colorado Meth Project ad is an efficient ad because it addresses the topic in a obvious and constant claim, it reaches out to the reader and grabs their attention through emotional appeal, and the layout is clearly well-planned and thought-out. When a reader flips through a magazine or even drives past a billboard ad they do not spend much time examining the ad trying to understand it, they glance at it and know what the ad is trying to state. Within this advocacy ad the reader does not have to spend much time searching for the message, because it is stated flat out that meth causes people to do crazy things that they thought they would never do if they weren’t on this drug. In the background of the whole ad is a bathtub smudged with blood and a razor blade located in the blood. The message of the ad is written on the top left corner of the ad and is short and to the point. It is in these few bolded words that the audience understands the background of the ad and addresses the claim by saying, “Meth will change that.” This powerful line shows the reader that things they thought people would never do change, when someone is on meth. Not only is this claim strong and constant, on the bottom right corner of the ad a website,, is listed. This website shows the reader that the ad is credible, and when an ad is credible it allows the reader to have a strong sense that this ad is believable. If there was no website located on this ad the reader would just dismiss this message. Also, the website address is well chosen because if the reader did not understand the statement in the ad they would know that this ad is about a project on meth through the title of the website’s address. When visiting the site the reader would see that the message is explained more in depth. The claim is clear and easy to understand, which then makes the audience want to be more involved in the Colorado Meth Project. In an advocacy ad the way to affect the reader’s emotion is to provide some sort of emotional appeal in the message. In this particular ad the reader’s emotion is definitely drawn in by tub smudged with blood and the razor blade. It makes the reader see how serious this drug can affect a person’s mental state and alter their mind to make them do harmful things. If the ad has not used such gruesome detail I do not think that the audience would be so drawn to what the issue was about, instead they would probably not understand the seriousness of meth and its harmful affects. Its important to let the reader know that by tapping into their emotion, and affecting how they see this issue, the readers themselves can then help spread this information around to others. Without emotional appeal the ad would have no life to the issue it is addressing. It would have no point to people unaware of this issue and they would just ignore and probably consider it a boring and pointless ad. The simple yet affective drawing gives the reader a sense to further understand this issue and help spread the seriousness and consequences of this drug. It is also within the few bolded words that the reader gets to experience that meth changes your life,…