Aftermath in Venezuela Essay

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The Aftermath in Venezuela
Jesus Hernandez
Strayer University

SOC 300: Sociology
May 5th, 2013
Venezuela has been on the merge of demise for many years. If we look closely they have been battling to save the country from outside reform. Unlike Cuba, Venezuela was fortunate enough to have a man by the name of Hugo Chavez. Hugo Chavez was born July 28th 1954 and was a politician. In 1999 Hugo Chavez became president and vowed to change the country of Venezuela. In 1999 Hugo Chavez fought and initiated the Venezuelan Constitution and participatory democratic councils. These implementations were the nationalization of several key industries. This raised government funding of health care and education. With this gain, there were reductions in poverty with oil revenues. He did what he had to do to save his country from going below. As hard as he fought, he was president on 2013, which marked his death. After his death, the country went into a slight panic. After Hugo passed Nicolas Maduro became the new president after a slim margin of victory. With the country in turmoil, society is wondering what will happen next and will the country once again fall down under. “Beginning with the nearly 32 percent devaluation of the Bolivar in early 2013, the government has struggled to fill the gaps between expenditures and revenues”. With this problem, many wonder how they can overcome this situation. This is not the only problem in occurrence; in Venezuela they face food and medicine shortages. With this being said, how we think about their situation as suppose to ours in the USA with higher insurance rates and lack of assistance. If you look closely we actually have more help than Venezuelans do but lack to acknowledge it. Hugo