Ageing Essay

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Luis Elias
George Guerrero
5th period
In this article the writer talks about a personal opinion of when she went to a meeting in the Gerontological Society of America, which is a multidisciplinary society for professional on ageing. In that meeting it was like if people were looking for a cure to ageing. After the conference she was angry about how these professionals were trying to cure the aspects of ageing. This irritated her because we shouldn’t see this as an ill or treat it as such. Ageing is not a medical problem; in fact, it is a normal aspect of life that sooner or later everyone has to experiment. Ageing is not to be cured, but it is for it to be treated. This woman interviewed widowed people to see if they wanted their widowhood to be treated as a disease or as a normal aspect of a human being. They expressed that they don’t need the intervention of specialist because their experiences are part of being a human. The writer wants us, as the future generation, to distinguish between the normal aspects of ageing from the problematic aspects of it. Once they are distinguished we can chose to intervene and make their lives easier. We should also keep in mind if the elder people really want our help in aspects such as medical, social, or functional problems they might face.
This article directly relates to our global issue, ageing, because as we mentioned in our presentation the rates of people 60 or older are going up at an incredible rate. As years are…