Agencies: Music and Music Industry Essay

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An Organisation within the Music Industry

In this assignment, I will be focusing on agencies and the roles they play within the music industry.
A music agent consists of a team of agents that are employed by the company to organise the artist/artists gigs, concerts, Interviews and shows. As well as having the responsibility of dealing with the musician’s finances. A talent agent would often attend college and university showcases and shows to see what young talent is available. There is high degree of competition between agencies. The purpose of the agent is to not only help the artists, but to make money, so the more successful the artist the more money the agency will make.

The agents do not work alone. They will make-work with different people to ensure that the artist is booked for gigs and shows in front of the right audience. The agent works with advertising promoters to ensure that the band sells as many tickets as possible for the show, etc. Agencies that are known for working with ‘big stars’ (e.g. Adele, Labrinth, Alexandra Burke) can assist up and coming performers get a slot as a supporting singer whilst on tour.

An agent is responsible for making sure everything runs smoothly on the night of the performance. This includes working with a sound team to check how the artist sounds live and with effects, such as a voice changers and how the performance sounds with a live band. Most importantly the official payments for the gig have to be organised with the