Aircraft and Open Flight Simulator Essay

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The name of software I was assigned is FlightGear which is an open flight simulator that was created by
David Murr, Curt Olson, Michael Basler, and Eric Korpela. It started as an online proposal in by David Murr in April 1996 and having its first release in 1997 which he then still continued in development. Their goal was to create and open flight simulator framework to be used for research or academic environments, pilot training, industry engineering tool, or just for the fun of using a simulator with such realistic aspects. The way they did this was by using custom
3D graphics code and the way it is written is mostly in C++ programming language. The development, code releases, and binaries are created by those who volunteer their time into
Flightgear which end up getting a lot out of the software.

Freedom- Easy/open access to the latest development source code
Three primary Flight Dynamics Models
Extensive and accurate world scenery database
Accurate and detailed sky model
Flexible and open aircraft modeling system
Moderate hardware requirements
Multiple displays
Networking options- Allowing to communicate with other instances of Flightgear

With the educational aspect of it, Flightgear would definitely help in a way that anyone will be able to learn basic to expert skills in operating an aircraft. This can also tie into a business setting because it is also used for pilot training.
I do see a lot of controversy online between Flightgear and another flight simulator called
X-Plane. From what users are saying, X-Plane seems to be better than Flightgear because it is a lot more realistic. The graphics are very clear, there is high quality scenery, and within the simulator there are