Aircraft Cargo Handling Supervisor Essay examples

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Soyombo Ganbold
Professor: Dr. Steve Swartz, Ph.D., CTL
LGAV 2100
16 April 2012
Career Abstract 2
NAICS Number: 481000-53-1011 Occupational Title: Aircraft Cargo Handling Supervisor
Percent Total: 4% Mean Annual Wage: $50500

Occupational Profile: Aircraft Cargo Handling Supervisors play an important role in the safe operation of cargo flights. They oversee and ensure proper and safe movement of cargo on aircraft. They direct ground crew in the loading, unloading, securing, and staging of aircraft cargo or baggage. They determine the quantity and orientation of cargo, compute aircraft center of gravity, and sign the load plan or manifest. Aircraft Cargo Handling Supervisors, also known as Aircraft Loadmasters, originated as a military occupation in the 1950s, while some functions were performed a decade earlier during World War II. Loadmasters in the U.S. Air Force travel as a member of the flight crew. They load and unload aircraft, perform preflight and post flight aircraft checks, and compute weight and balance. They ensure the safety and comfort of passengers, secure cargo during flight, and airdrop cargo and personnel. The duties of a civilian Aircraft Cargo Handling Supervisor differ from the military classification in that the Air Force Loadmaster travels on the aircraft and civilian Aircraft Cargo Handling Supervisors remain at the airport. In addition to Loadmaster, an Aircraft Cargo Handling Supervisor may also be called a Baggage Handling Supervisor, Ramp Boss or Supervisor, Air Cargo Supervisor, Load Planner or Supervisor, or Ground Crew Supervisor. Aircraft Cargo Handling Supervisors work in a high-pressure, constantly changing environment. Ensuring that cargo is loaded and placed properly can be stressful. Cargo that is not adequately restrained can shift and lead to accidents. Hazardous materials not properly handled can cause fires or toxic fumes. Aircraft Cargo Handling Supervisors work outside in all kinds of weather conditions. In the military, they travel with the aircraft to monitor cargo during flight. Civilian Aircraft Cargo Handling Supervisors usually work 40 hours a week. Since airports operate around the clock, they work a variety of shifts. Although Air Force policy limits Loadmasters to 120 days a year, they frequently work 160 to 200 days a year.

Hiring Outlook: Aircraft Cargo Handling Supervisors should…