Alcoholic Beverage and Moderate Drinkers People Essay

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Target Market
Primary Market: Ages 21-35. This starts at the legal drinking age. These individuals are in college and are more prone to pressures of their peers. Secondary Market: Ages 16-20. This starts at the age you begin to drive until right before legal age. These individuals are rebellious and need to be informed before they have the option of drinking and driving.
Geographic: People who live in the Huntsville or surrounding areas.
Psychographics: People who go out to bars and restaurants and drink.
Heavy Drinkers – people who drink 4 or more times a week. Moderate Drinkers – people who drink 2 or less times a week. Light Drinkers – people who drink only on special occasions. Abstinent Drinkers – people who no longer drink, or do not drink, but go out with people who do.

Message Strategy
Message – Always Know A Safe Way to Get Home. Individuals should be informed of all the alternatives to driving drunk.
1. T.A.D.D. Fest – create awareness in SHSU and the community
• Local bars and restaurants sponsor
• SHSU ADAI sponsor
• Liquor store sponsor
• Hospital
• Criminal Justice Department
• Have Police Department set up temporary jail, pay for them to arrest someone. That person then has to pay to be released.
• Car Wash
• Parade
• Wreck vehicle on display
• Table to sign up for volunteer hours
• Concert to raise money
• Games o Drunk Goggle Obstacle – wear goggles that