Alexander The Great Essay

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Alexander the Great is a powerful political figure, who’s name is warped and utilized in the event where his name will further the actions or agenda by who utilizes it. Alexander is a greatly problematic figure, because the papyrus they wrote on back then has all but disappeared, and we don’t know enough about him to come up with a completely accurate depiction. But, the main reason is that people tend to take up politically strong and powerful figures and warp them as a symbol to further their own needs and political agenda. Allen mentions on page 220, how Britain, when it was imperialistic, depicted Alexander as nearly a Saint, doing all the right things and all the bad was merely omitted from the depiction. Then, Allen mentions that the Asians (whom Alexander conquered) still to this day, view Alexander as a “Two-horned devil.” (220). Rapidly distinctive views of the same man, based on their own agendas and personal experiences. This can be taken similarly to people such as Hollywood stars; they are raised to a level of near divinity, constantly expected to be flawless and not show that they are just like the rest of us. When something happens to them, such as being stopped by the cops, they are instantly shot down and ridiculed. Also, when being used as an example, such as promoting young people involved in politics or voting, they are depicted as ideal for their cause and saints. Alexander has been compared to Hitler, in terms of the mass genocide. But, Germanic people viewed Hitler as their savior from the shame of WWI and the monetary debt. Now he is viewed as a devil, a picture of all that is bad and unholy. But even Winston Churchill, when the united nations were still appeasing him, viewed him as just a pest. They all had different views of the same man for different reasons. And, time even changed the view or the man and people’s opinions of him and his actions! Time passing also has diluted the amount of factual evidence we have regarding the man. But time has also added to our values, and when we look at Alexander through different lenses, we see different things. Allen states that he was attempting to appeal a hero, a demigod, such as the valiant Achilles in the Iliad. But nowadays, Achilles was not a hero, but simply a man fighting for the love of power.