Alexander The Great Research Paper

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Did you know that Alexander the Great conquered three continents? Alexander the Great was a great military leader and was really brave, which is one of the reasons why he was such a great leader and a hero. People have many different opinions on Alexander the Great. Some believe that Alexander was a villain because he destroyed and attacked many places. Others believe that Alexander was a hero because he tried to promote learning. I believe that Alexander the Great was a hero because he was a great role model for people and treated his people like his own family. Alexander risked his life for his people and should be considered a hero. To begin with, Alexander the Great tried to promote learning. He was kind to his people and also visited all …show more content…
Then they offered the water to Alexander. According to a Greek historian, Alexander, ‘in full view of his troops, poured the water on the ground. So extraordinary was the effect of this action that the water wasted by Alexander was as good as a drink for every man in the army.’” Alexander was selfless and even rode into battle ahead of his men. Second, a Greek historian named Arrian says that “‘ race of men, no city, nor even a single individual to whom Alexander’s name and fame had not been penetrated’” He also said that “I (Alexander) have celebrated your weddings with my own, and the children of many of you will be akin to my children.” This means that Alexander was always caring and looking after his people. Some claim that Alexander is a villain because he destroyed Persepolis, attacked Tyre and killed 10,000 people and enslaved 30,000, treated his slaves harshly, and ordered the murder of several close advisers. However, Alexander still did many heroic deeds and helped his people, despite doing many bad things. Even if some people think Alexander the Great was a villain, Alexander will still be viewed as a hero to