Alexander The Great Research Paper

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Alexander the Great – The Decisive Battle
Power & Leadership
Professor Stevens

Alexander the great was one of the greatest leaders of his time. His reign kingdom crumbled almost as fast as it was created. Alexander was a fearless leader with great battlefield intelligence. He conquered many kingdoms and created one of the largest kingdoms ever to exist. He won battles with military tactics, large armies, and a savage attitude. Alexander arrived to battles with three times as many soldiers as his opponent and slaughtered them. His winning streak eventually got to his head and he started to turn on his own people. Alexander had gained all of his followers be leading his empire to victory bringing while bringing home most of his men. He was well like in early stages of his reign. Alexander began his demise when he started to question some of the people that help make him the king that he was. He became paranoid and started to kill some of his greatest generals. This hurt his military and left a lot of pressure on Alexander to continue to lead his army to victory. This turned a lot of his followers off and his empire was slowly starting to become corrupt. By doing all of these things, Alexander put his empire at risk for an attack. The Persians started to see signs of weakness in the Alexander’s army and decided to plan an attack. Alexander and his army became complacent and never expanded their army or trained on any new tactics. This hurt Alexander in his last battle because his opponents were able to predict Alexander’s moves. His opponents eventually go the best of him and his reign came to a terrible end. Alexander is an example of a great leader