Alice in Wonderland Essay

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**Lesson Plan- Our main topic our group is going to talk about is the literary and cultural symbols the white rabbit represents.
Nathan will start the presentation by telling the class what we as a group are going to talk about in the following points: * How the white rabbit is the cause of curiosity and the rise of opportunity * The white rabbit is a guide for Alice * The white rabbit is an invitation to another world * Ask questions to the class
He then will start on his topic he researched on; tardiness, and he relates that to what is called “the call to adventure.” He will go deeper into that topic and move on to his next points: * Risk for reward * How the white rabbit acts as a guide/ indirect guide to Alice.
Now Brad will present his topic over how the white rabbit is the contrast to Alice. Also how the white rabbit’s disorderliness creates chaos in Alice’s world and is a path for her to run away from the order of the real world. Then he will begin asking questions to the class to get them involved. Tyler will now begin his part of the power point by talking about time. He will use two types of time that relates to the white rabbit: * Chronos * Kyrios
Still relating back to time, he then will talk about different cultural uses of the white rabbit such as bars and pubs. Once Tyler is done with his section we then have a video that will be played. The video is approximately 2 min and 10 sec long. It shows examples of cultural uses in The Matrix,