All About The Benjamins Essay

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Dr. Nicholas Cox
U.S. History 1301, Benjamin Franklin Essay
30 September 2014
All About The Benjamin

Throughout his journey, Benjamin Franklin exploited his gains and failures through the promising successes that shaped his life. During his early life, his father Josiah owned a candle making business, his mother Abiah looked after his siblings at home, and Benjamin was left with no choice, but to attend grammar school at the young age of eight. His father could not possibly afford to enroll little Benjamin in long-term plan of schooling. Especially when Benjamin started to grow an attachment for books, he began to imitate writing styles of literature pieces such as The Spectator. In the meantime, Benjamin's dreams shattered to the ground when his father positioned him as an apprentice for his older brother James. James owned a local printing shop in Boston. Young Benjamin loved to write, but his brother's work lacked the spark the town yearned for . Selling pamphlets for his brother's newspaper business in the streets of Boston was not enough to aspire his ambitions as a writer. The first huge step was to overtake the New-England Courant newspapers to show his brother compassion towards his work. Accidently incarcerating his brother in jail for slanderous writing, which of course was falsely accused of brought speculations towards James as he was being taken away. The brilliant mind of Benjamin Franklin brought the attention and suspicion of colonial town officers to imprison the person responsible for such action. All Benjamin asked was to feel appreciated by his brother James, to help him compose passages and post them in his local newspaper, which he would strongly discourage of. Benjamin could no longer hold the eager passion he had for writing. To bring his skills to the test and to astonish his brother with his outstanding work of literature was an achievement to look forward for. The ambitions of becoming an English writer took a impactful toll on his weekends, waking up in the morning, and reading books after his working shift. Strong determination swooned Benjamin Franklin's mind towards proving his brother James wrong of his talent. Beginning to write letters in secrecy, sneaking at night and leaving letters under the printing shop door led James to publish Benjamin's mystery woman article. James had no clue who wrote the piece, but found out in the meantime when authorities arrived at the demanding the author accountable for such publishing. Government officials came to arrest James as a delinquent towards the Assembly of the State.
Benjamin regretted writing those mysterious letters and throwing his brother in jail, but on the inside sat a warm content feeling of accomplishment. Ben confessed later about the letters he had been writing were his all along. Even associates of James thought of Ben as a young inspirational English writer waiting to break the light of dawn into an innovated writer. Not only did James scold at Benjamin for his lack of consideration, but because James's friends acknowledge the gifted writer that placed James behind bars without a motive. Benjamin set foot forth to the new beginnings that would forever change his life. The feeling of new adventures and new opportunities open his thoughts imaginatively. For every closed door there will be a chance to attempt to pursue the life he excel. A small amount of people will guide you the right way, but one must seek and take control of the life they desire for. The one-way ticket towards prosperity was finally arranged by his jealous brother James. Now his life leads him to explore the colonies in the north in search for a job as a printer. He casts out to Philadelphia in search for available positions that could employ Ben for a job. He finds no luck, but manages to touch up on a job connection in Philadelphia, not too far from where he was. Benjamin does not feel misfortunate of his disposition, yet his longing to find more