Alternative fuel efficiency Essay

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The cost of researching and producing alternative fuels ranges the gambit from affordable and moderately expensive to pricey and outrageously unaffordable. Some of the renewable fuels such as biodiesel and ethanol have prices that are very similar to regular petroleum gasoline (US Department of Energy, 2009); however the facts that the fuels are renewable, as well as produce less pollution are definite incentives for those that are concerned about the environment. Some fuels are still experimental and while they may be close to public release, such as hydrogen based cells, they are still expensive and far from being affordable by the average working class. There have been definite strides in making alternative fuels affordable however. The United States Government has implemented several Alternative Fuel taxes, as well as various laws like the Clean Air Act and laws governing the fuel efficiency and pollution production of vehicles. To help make better vehicles more affordable, the government has exercised various hybrid vehicle tax rebates, as well as sponsoring the recent cash for clunkers trade in, which encouraged the public to trade in a high pollution older vehicle for one which was more efficient.

The US Government has also implemented a program called the Air Pollution Control Program. This program helps fund state and local agencies with the means necessary to plan, develop, improve or maintain programs which help implement and control the national air quality