Re-Inventing Real Estate Market

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connie bell
Comm 110
August 18, 2013

Re-Inventing the Real Estate Market Many people have suffered from what the economy calls “the market crash”, or “the new great depression”. Such devasting disaster caused many people to lose their jobs and ultimately their homes. Whether you are first time home buyers or seasoned vet who owned multiple units losing your home causes problem in a mental state and family life. It is believed that to be a home owner is “the American dream”. I want to help get that dream back and help others achieve their dream. Many banks and investors foreclosed on many homes over the past 6 years, though the battle is not yet over. 36,964 homes were foreclosed on last month in the United States alone. Foreclosures started to decline by 2010, and peaked at a whopping 1.05 million! It is not only my goal but my passion to one day help re-invent the real estate market for those who lost their homes and who are financially ready to purchase a home again. The market has started to introduce low interest rates and as to date we are on track to ending the year with the lowest foreclosures in six years. As an aspiring agent/broker, I would like to help people rebuild credit, build credit, and ultimately buy the home that not only they can afford but the home of their dreams. It is in my experience that those who often think their credit is bad are not always the case; they most often have the better beacon scores. Diversity