Alternatives To Preventing Global Warming

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Alternatives To Preventing Global Warming
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When I was a little girl, my Mom used to get a magazine called Mother Earth News, and was big on preparing for the end of the world as we knew it. It was gross, but we weren't allowed to flush until after the 3rd urine deposit, and all poops were completely welcomed down the sewer line. We washed only twice a week, grew our own fruits & veggies, and walked to the grocery store when only a few groceries were needed. She converted a huge water cooler which had a spout, and placed a filtering device used for a fish tank which of course has a charcoal filter. That prevented us from buying bottled water, and also naturally made turned the water into an alkaline state, which is closest to the bloods composition of 7.35-7.45 or something like that. At one point we were restricted from watching TV for 3 whole years, because she felt we were watching it too much. She snapped one morning, and lifted that 35 inch TV, and placed it up on the closet shelf in her bedroom, and dared us to try to remove it. I gotta be honest, I actually considered it, but knew I'd drop it! LOL She figured out that we were watching the TV while she worked overnights. I thought she was wacko, until I paid closer attention to all of Earth's changes.
With this being said I'm gonna discuss some of the options my family and I are still considering and planning for even today. I do feel it's possible to prepare for unexpected future climate changes, and many of these are alternatives can also contribute to the prevention of global warming. For instance, the use of copper can be used to heat water, corn can be used as biofuel by removing the catalytic converter to accept biofuel rather than standard ethanol fuels. Additionally, entertaining sustainable living in building our homes as smart homes where solar panels, windmills, and copper tunneling is used as a heating element. When considering sustainable housing the homes are build with considerations of the sun's direction, and the properties of the soil. Please see the link below for congestive information about the process.
Furthermore, I feel that we should lean on science and mother nature to co-create that which already