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Explain the advantages and disadvantages of using professional agencies in ensuring promotional success
Outcome of class decisions Advantage of using professional Agencies | Disadvantage of using professional Agencies | Independent view of your product | Loss of customer by default | Provide access to resources cheaper | Expensive | More specialised staff to research campaign | Businesses will not have as much autonomy | Better information demographic | Smaller businesses may not be as high probity | Time efficient | Advertising charging will increase | Creative and artistic resources | Focus people of what they can’t or shouldn’t be | Professional service | Lack of communication | Legal ownership | Conflict with competition | Get to the heart of campaign | Not familiar with product |

Advantages of professional agencies
The advantage of professional agencies is that they should ensure that they ensure they do the tasks which are set to them to do. They need to be able to view your product and provide access to resources cheaper. They also need to be able to have specialised staff to research campaign. They need to be creative and artistic resources. This will help them to ensure that they are doing things to make sure they are at creative standards and artistic resources are used. They make sure that they are time efficient which means that they able to do things on time and making sure those things are done according to the right time. They also have the right professional needs to ensure that all the service they provide is right and ideal. They need to also be able to provide access to resources cheaper and better information which will help them become successful.
Disadvantages of professional agencies
The disadvantage of professional agencies is that if they don’t communicate they will have many kinds of problems which will occur this will ensure that they will have loss of customer. This is when they have lack of communication this will ensure that the businesses will not have as much autonomy. Their advertising charges will increase or they will target young people so that they will be able to see information that they should not be seeing and this will also be expensive. If there are smaller businesses this means that they will be as high. Another disadvantage would be that they were not familiar with the product. They can also have a conflict if they also advertise for your competition.
Fuse8 is known as a professional agency that just happens to think interactive experiences the best way for brands to get closer to customer. They combine a wealth of technical knowledge with an understanding of what customers really want from companies to create power digital experience.
Fuse8 have worked with Alton Towers on a number of search this can be other business-driven briefs but this meant that Alton Towers needed fuse8 to flex its creative muscles. The main reason the resort website was a fine stage for people planning a park visit. This allowed people to engage long- term with the brand. They also wanted to be able to create a platform for more play and fun with the brand with some of its brand assets for the characters and also the rides.
Alton is known as the social site that uses Facebook connect an online reward which is a program for Britain's most loved theme park. They also had drawing on