American dream/nightmare Essay

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This article describes that the American Dream purports to be ideal vehicle for liberty and freedom. It is said to undermine individual freedom and expression (Bygrave, MacMillan, 2008). The American Dream/ Nightmare is a reification of what Marx described as the capitalist class structure. According to authors, self-worth and sense of well-being are inextricably linked to our income (Bygrave & MacMillan, 2008). The objectives of maximizing short-term profit and serving the long-term needs of society are diametrically opposite. Profits serve people, people do not serve profits (Bygrave & MacMillan, 2008). The European Dream is defined as a mindset that valued in humanitarian rather than economic terms. The Canadian Dream is the one which is neither purely American nor European. The four constructs of culture are uncertainty avoidance, masculinity/feminity, individualism and power distance (Bygrave & MacMillan, 2008). The American Dream removes the individual’s ability to choose his or her own vision of success or meaning. Whereas, the European Dream is more focused towards quality of life, sustainability, peace and harmony. Religion has played much more prominent role in American society than it has done in Europe (Bygrave & MacMillan, 2008). The authors argue that the American Dream infringes on the individual rights of people and workers. As a result it robs the individual of his or her freedom of expression. Balance between work and family life is becoming much more prevalent than material wealth or individual success at work. The authors state that organizations should change their paradigm from strict profit maximizing to balancing profit along with long-term needs of society. The authors consider