Society Thru the Eyes of Americans Essay

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The American Dream, a house with a white picket fence and the perfect life. During the post WWII years of the 1920’s Americans abided by a strict set of rules. They were forced to conform to the American system and were held from doing anything but. However, people like Jack Kerouac brought about a new and empowering movement that changed the view of the American system. Many American began to conform to this new and influential generation, but soon realized that it was in a sense similar to the society that they were all trying to escape from. Aside from the new way of viewing life, and living, many began to have expectations of this new generation and began to fall step into the system. Thus it was because of this that Americans realized that there was no real escape from the system and was forced into the ways they so strongly fought. In the book “On the Road” by Jack Kerouac, his character Sal Paradise conveys the truth of American society and shows the way one should live. In addition, in the movies “The Other F Word”, “ One Fast Move” they both show the truth of society and its corruptions from the thoughts of Kerouac and his character inspirations. In the movie “The Other F Word” it shows society today and conveys the message that the corruption in society of the e1920’s is still occurring. Using the persona Sal Paradise and his road trips, Jack Kerouac conveys his frustration with the American society and shows that it was through the conforming of the American system that the Beat generation arose. Kerouac uses the road trips to escape his frustrations with the American system and through the beat movement shows the real suffering of the American society. Using the movie “The Other F Word”, Jack Lindberg coveys the message that the corruptions in society of the 1920’s continues to occur to society today. Lindberg highlights the coming of a new movement due to society’s rules just as Kerouac points out.
During the 1920’s Kerouac coveys the idea that society enforced rules that prevented many from doing or speaking as the pleased. Society “wanted elegance in the suburbs”, as it was stated in the Beat video. Many Americas believed in following the American Dream, and living by it. Women were forced to dress as required and serve the men as society called for. Everyone was to be the same, if not and they believed against the system, people would be put into shock factories. Society believed those who didn’t follow the American system had something wrong with their brain, so they would be “fixed” and forced to believe in what they asked in them. Lindberg continues to convey this idea of society by stating that “America loses individuality, everyone was a robot”. Lindberg reveals that Americans began to lose themselves and no longer had their own unique features, but everyone was the same and just followed what they were told just as robots do. By sating “loses individuality” Lindbergh clearly portrays that society effaces the idea that everyone should be the same and have to actions for themselves.
With the use of Sal Paradise Kerouac conveys that life shouldn’t be about sitting and suffering from the rules of society. By stating, “ Besides all my New York friends were in the negative nightmare position of putting down society…..raced in society”, Sal portrays that he believes that the idea of sitting down and simply looking down on